Patients are charged fees which are kept fairly close to the Government-recommended "schedule" fees so that out-of-pocket expenses are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately we have to charge a small "gap" fee because over the past 20 years Government rebates have rise at half the rate of inflation while the costs of running a medical practice have risen far more than the inflation rate!


Item Number - Type of Consultation

Our Fee
Pay On The Day Fee
The Medicare Rebate
The Gap You Pay
Item 3 - Level A consultations:
Item 23 - Level B consultations:
Item 36 - Level C consultations:
Item 44 - Level D consultations:
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Bulk Billing

We bulk bill all those patients who are Social Welfare beneficiaries (pensioners, DVA card holders and the unemployed) so they have no out-of-pocket expenses. Those people who possess valid Health Care cards MAY be bulkbilled at the discretion of the doctor but we need to see the Health Care card to ensure that it is current and not out of date. However, having a Senior's card doesn't necessarily mean that you will be bulk-billed!

Patients who attend the doctor for reasons which do not attract a Medicare rebate (eg. medical examinations for driver's licences or scuba diving licences, etc) will be charged fees for their consultation but they will not be able to claim a rebate from Medicare. These are NOT rules made by us - these are rules made by the Government! We still have to charge a fee for our services. Wherever possible your doctor will explain this to you at the beginning of your consultation.

Also, a fee of $5.00 MAY be charged for prescriptions provided without a consultation. And by the way, we cannot guarantee that prescriptions can be provided on the same day they are requested. Requests for prescriptions without consultations add extra workload on our already overworked doctors. Referrals will not be written without consultations and we will not provide indefinite referrals as this type of referral increases the risk of medical mistakes being made!

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and believe that you will be unable to pay your account for services provided by the doctor you should discuss this problem with our Practice Manager who will deal with the matter in confidence.