If you are unable to come to the clinic for a consultation it may be possible for your doctor to attend you at your home. The doctors at the Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic will do house calls to patients in nursing homes and hostels as well as to patients in their private homes. However the decision to do a house call can only be made by the doctor, not reception staff. If you feel that you need or the person you care for needs attention within the home and there is no practical way for the patient to attend the clinic please mention this to the staff member and she will discuss your problem with the doctor.
House calls are usually done during the doctor's lunch break or at the end of the afternoon clinic. If medical attention is required more urgently it may be quicker to call for an ambulance to bring the patient to the clinic or directly to the hospital in Castlemaine, "Castlemaine Health". Staff at the clinic are happy to discuss these options with you.