This page contains a list of documents prepared by the doctors at this clinic. We hope that they are informative and useful. We have tried to keep the amount of medical "jargon" to a minimum but we hope that the style of the writing doesn't feel too patronising! It's very hard to cater for all levels of knowledge in the one document and overall it's probably better to assume very little prior medical knowledge. If you have any suggestions about these documents or have any recommendations for other documents you think would be useful please let us know by clicking here.
The "Little Snip" - (Vasectomy Information)
Risk Factors and a Healthy Lifestyle
High Cholesterol - what does it mean?
High blood pressure
Cervical Cancer & Pap smears
Menopause & Hormone Replacement Therapy
Warts 'n All
Alcohol - How Much Is Too Much?

Diabetes - A Sweet Touch

Smoking - Why It's Good For Me But NOT For You!
Moles, Sunspots and Skin Cancers