The Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic is open from 9:00 am until 5:30pm, Monday to Thursday and from 9:00am to 4:30pm on Fridays. Consultation with the clinic doctors is based upon booked appointments but urgent cases will always be attended to. If you believe your problem is urgent please tell one of the reception staff about your problem.

We have six incoming lines (using the same number - 5472 3233) so if they are all in use, please be patient and keep trying. There is always someone at the reception desk who will answer the phone as soon as they can.

We urge you to book in advance to secure an appointment but we always hold some appointments for "on-the-day" bookings for urgent cases which need to be seen on the day. On average about 2/3 of our appointments are booked in advance and that leaves the other 1/3 of appointments available for urgent cases on the day. We start taking bookings from 8:45am every day.

While this policy means that our phones run hot every morning for the first hour each morning it can be frustrating trying to get onto one of our reception staff. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND KEEP TRYING! There is a good chance that most patients who ring in the morning for an appointment will get one for that day!

We are flexible about this policy and we always do our best to satisfy everybody's needs but when we are short of doctors, like virtually every country town, there are only so many patients who can be seen on any one day.

Appointments are for 15 minutes but if you have several problems to discuss with your doctor or if you believe that you will need to spend more than 15 minutes with your doctor, please mention this fact when you make your appointment, out of courtesy to other patients. If you take more time with the doctor than was booked, those patients whose appointments follow yours will have to wait longer! We realise that sometimes it's just impossible to predict this sort of thing, especially when the doctor decides more time is needed to deal with your problem and that it can't wait for another day. Some things just can't be predicted!

However if your doctor believes that you have several problems and they cannot all be dealt with adequately within the available time you may be asked to deal only with the more pressing issues at that time and come back at another time to deal with the less urgent issues.

Finally, it is extremely frustrating to have patients who don't turn up for their appointments AND don't let us know in advance. We then often find that we doctors waiting round without a patient to see at the same time as another prospective patient has had their appointment put off to another day! So if you cannot attend for the appointment you have made, please let us know as soon as possible. This is common courtesy and makes it easier for us and other patients. Those patients who repeatedly fail to keep appointments and fail to notify us in advance may discover that there are no available appointments for them in the future!