Prescriptions and Consultations

Providing a prescription for a patient may only take the doctor a few seconds to do or it may take several minutes to do but it always involves a lot of responsibility for the doctor!

When doctors see patients in their consulting rooms it is relatively easy for the doctor to get the crucial information needed to safely prescribe a medication. If a patient rings up the clinic and just asks the receptionist to get the doctor to provide a script for a medicine which the doctor hasn't ever prescribed for that patient it is a potentially dangerous for the doctor to comply with this request. It is far safer if doctors get all the background information they need from the patient during a consultation and then assess what should be prescribed.

It can even be dangerous for patients if doctors provide them with prescriptions for previously used medications if too much time has passed since the last script was given. Sometimes circumstances change to make previously prescribed medicines dangerous!

For these reasons the doctors at the Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic usually do NOT provide prescriptions to patients without seeing them in a consultation. It is just too risky! However there are some situations which arise which make "phone prescriptions" either safe and appropriate, or even essential.

If you need to get a prescription from your doctor but cannot get an appointment in time please discuss this with the receptionist. Don't be surprised if the doctor refuses to give you what you want without seeing you in a consultation, or if you are given a prescription for only a small number of tablets/capsules or a prescription with no repeats. This may be a reasonable compromise until you can get an appointment!