The doctors at the Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic are all very experienced general practitioners and provide their services to patients of every age category. In addition to routine consulting involving the diagnosis and management of diseases and injuries of all types, they can provide obstetric services for pregnant women and minor surgery including vasectomies, removal of skin cancers, sunspots, warts and other unwanted "lumps and bumps".

All the doctors have admitting rights to the Castlemaine Health the public hospital in Castlemaine and also attend patients in the nursing home units and hostels at the Castlemaine Health site. The doctors also participate in the voluntary after-hours on-call roster to provide emergency care at the Mt Alexander hospital (see the page on this topic in this website). All the doctors also provide palliative care services for terminally ill patients with the aim of minimizing pain and suffering.

Preventitive medical advice will often be offered and "screening medical examinations" are recommended for "well" or asymptomatic patients who are interested in the early detection of serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cataracts, high cholesterol, skin cancers, cervical cancer (by means of regular Pap smears), osteoporosis, and emphysema.

Prescriptions are NOT usually given without seeing the doctor unless circumstances are exceptional.

Vaccinations are routinely administered to children as well as to adults - 'flu, pneumonia and tetanus booster vaccinations as well as the most appropriate vaccinations required for overseas travel.

The doctors can also provide referrals to local medical specialists as well as to other health professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychologists and Drug and Alcohol counsellors when such needs arise. Referrals to specialists are not done without consultation with the doctor except in exceptional cases.

Extended medical assessments are offered once a year to elderly patients over the age of 75 to determine their medical and paramedical needs.

The clinic equipment includes an ECG machine, a spirometer, a slit-lamp for magnified examination of the eyes, an ultrasound machine for obstetric examinations and liquid nitrogen for freezing warts and sunspots.

Computers are used in this clinic for recording of medical note and storing incoming radiology & pathology reports as well as letters from other doctors. All the digital photographs of skin lesions and sometimes of the injuries we treat are stored on the computers and are linked to the patient records which makes immediately accessible to the doctors.

The Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic also provides a Mental Health service through the availability of nurse trained in mental health care delivery, Ms Cindy Condon. Cindy has had extensive experience in the field of mental health care and referral for appointments for consultations and counselling services can be arranged by the doctors at the clinic.

We have plans to gradually expand access Allied Health services at the Lyttleton Street Clinic in the future.