Dr Santha Trail MBBS, DipRANZCOG, FRACGP joined the medical team in the Lyttleton Street Medical Clinic in 2002 after gaining wide experience in various rural settings including an Aboriginal Health clinic in Shepparton and quickly gained a strong following of devoted patients.

Santha raised three beautiful children wtih her husband Tim and somehow manages to juggle the workload of being a part-time GP, a mother and a wife. Tragically Santha passed away in her sleep while on holidays in Brisbane in the early hours of the morning on Boxing Day, 2014 and everyone at the clinic, all her patients and the entire medical fraternity were completely devastated!

A very moving memorial service was held on January 11th 2015 in the Campbells Creek Community Centre hall with an enormous attendance, mourners spilling out both sides of the hall listening through opened doors and windows to the proceedings.

Our hearts go out to Tim, Obi, Yindi and Aleka.

A Facebook page dedicated to Santha's memory can easily be found by typing Santha Traill into the search field once you go to the Facebook website.

We all miss Santha!