Having A Vasectomy - Everything You Wanted To Know (and More!)

A vasectomy operation is a great way to provide PERMANENT contraception for men - in a nutshell, it can be done quickly and safely by your doctor in the privacy of his clinic without needing to go to hospital and have a general anæsthetic.

Have you finally made up your mind? Well, before you commit yourself, please read on to find out more about what’s involved in having a vasectomy.

You’ve probably been thinking about whether you or your partner should undergo the “snip” and there are obviously points in favour and against either of you having the operation. In essence, a vasectomy is a much more minor operation for you than the equivalent operation for women and it only requires a couple of hours (at the most) in the doctor’s clinic. The serious risks to life and limb are fewer with a vasectomy than for a tubal ligation (the commonest sterilisation operation for women) and both have a reasonable chance of being successfully reversed if Life’s unpredictable changes lead you to change your mind about being a parent once again.

Now click on the links below to read about specific aspects about vasectomy:

What and where is the vas, what does the operation do to it?
Preparing for the operation
How is the operation done?
After the operation
What are the dangers, early and later on?
Can it be reversed?

A Joke! (vaguely related to vasectomy, but only just!)