When you arrive at the clinic for your appointment, please go directly to the reception desk and let one of the reception staff know that you have arrived for your appointment and they will put your name in the "queue" to see your doctor. However if you arrive well before your appointment is really due you will not be give priority over those patients whose appointments are actually before yours even if you arrive before them. That would be considered "jumping the queue" and would undermine the value of the appointment system!

Of course it's never much fun waiting and waiting for your doctor to call you in for your appointment. And yet it's all too common to have to wait for ages long after your appointment fell due. Unfortunately, delays are almost impossible to predict or prevent.

They happen for many reasons such as emergency calls to the hospital or to patient's homes, for deliveries (of babies!), and also because of unexpected and urgent injuries requiring lengthy treatment times. And of course some patients are found to have very complex and serious problems requiring far more than the booked 15 minute appointment - they cannot always be postponed to a later date.

Whenever possible the clinic staff will keep you informed of where you are in the queue and if the doctor has been called away you may choose to go off to do some shopping or make your appointment for another time.

However if you are very busy and just cannot take extra time away from your job or other important activities, please consider ringing the clinic shortly before you would normally leave your work or home to come to the clinic. Ask the receptionist whether your doctor is on schedule or delayed and if it's likely there weill be a delay you will be given a "guess-timate" as to how long the delay will be. They can then "put you into the queue", as it were, even though you haven't arrrived in person. This will allow you to arrive later than your previously booked appointment time but not have to wait around as long.

The waiting room has lots of recent magazines, televisions, and a cubby house with lots of toys in the children's waiting area - all to make the wait to see your doctor a bit more pleasant.

If you have any complaints about waiting times or any other issues relating to how you have been treated please speak with our Practice Manager - Sue McDonald.